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Eramet Responsible Mining Innovation Challenge

Welcome to the Responsible Mining challenge!

in partnership with EIT RawMaterials

Eramet is a major player in the extraction and recovery of metals as well as the production and transformation of high-performance alloys. Eramet also develops activities with high growth potential, such as lithium treatment and recycling, which will play a key role in the energy transition and the mobility of tomorrow.

Compete for a chance to win a collaboration contract with Eramet (up to EUR 50k). Together, we will turn your idea into reality, building a better, responsible mining industry of tomorrow!

This is a great opportunity for start-ups and SMEs to collaborate with Eramet!

  • Validate your solution with a large industrial player
  • Prize: EUR 50k for the realisation of your project
  • Possible opportunity for long-term collaboration
  • Gain visibility at the top management level
  • Receive coaching by industry experts

This is a challenge from the past.

Applications were closed in September 2021

Join us in shaping the future of responsible mining!

One of the main challenges of the European industry towards green energy is the increasing demand for raw materials combined with high import dependency. For a sustainable supply of mineral resources, Europe needs to strengthen the extraction, processing and recycling capabilities. Smart and environmental-friendly solutions will enable the mining industry to remain competitive and become more sustainable. Corporate social responsibility leads the way to a responsible future in mining by paying careful attention to mineral resources and their processing.

Eramet takes a 360° CSR approach integrating environment, climate, human rights, ethics and traceability of their products.  Emerging technologies play a major role in advancing the mining industry, reducing the environmental impact of mining operations, as well as improving efficiency and reducing costs.

The Call

Do you have an innovative idea that would make an impact, and fits to one of Eramet’s focus areas? Eramet seeks innovative technology solutions that focus on:

  • Environmentally friendly exploration: Large-scale remote sensing and data integration employing various geophysical and geochemical exploration methods in remote, densely vegetated and/or difficult to access terranes that reliably help to target prospective areas for different commodities with reduced environmental impact and cost & time savings.
  • Water management: Reliable and cost-effective solutions for monitoring water quality and erosion associated with surface water.
  • Smart solutions to reduce water consumption and emissions (dust, noise, toxic output) throughout the mining operation.
  • Safety and monitoring at remote mining sites: The management of infrastructure (e.g. geotechnically sensitive areas such as tailings dams, etc.), equipment (e.g, haul trucks), and corresponding data in a time- and cost-efficient manner, ensuring continuous, real-time monitoring that leads to increased resource efficiency and safety.
  • Mine rehabilitation & biodiversity: Efficient and easy-to-use solutions in mine rehabilitation and revegetation of mining sites as well as durable and maintenance-free solutions for biodiversity (wildlife) tracking.
  • Traceability of raw materials and processed materials throughout the operation in a transparent and secure way e.g. by using blockchain technology

This is not an exhaustive list of applications and other solutions that fit the topic of responsible mining will also be considered.